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The MMA Depressed-us: ‘The Hard Way’, starring Randy Couture & Michael Jai White

We’re diving back into the cinematic career of one of the UFC’s most notable champions of yesteryear.

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The UFC is taking one last week off before getting into the swing of their 2022 schedule, so the MMA Depressed us is taking the opportunity to dive back into one of their favorite holiday traditions. That’s right, we’re watching yet another Randy Couture film.

Promising the badass thrills of Michael Jai White, alongside the wall-n-maul prowess of one of the UFC’s most legendary champs, who could say no to 2019 action blockbuster ‘The Hard Way’—co-starring former Brit pop-rocker, from the band Bros (pronounced ‘bross’), Luke Goss? We certainly couldn’t.

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For all interested in watching along with us, ‘The Hard Way’ is available on a number of platforms, including Netflix. But more importantly, there’s also a copy hanging out free on YouTube. As always, we’re starting at the beginning of the video. So, anyone following along just needs to hit play when Zane says “go”.

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