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Aljamain Sterling clarifies PED comments against ‘dirty cheat’ Petr Yan

Aljamain Sterling maintains that Petr Yan is a steroid cheat.

Aljamain Sterling has doubled down on his comments against Petr Yan, maintaining the interim UFC bantamweight champion is a steroid cheat.

Sterling was forced to clarify his comments after he insinuated that Russian athletes use PEDs in a mock conversation between him and the ‘Russians’.

‘Funk Master’ doesn’t think every Russian fighter uses steroids but is adamant ‘No Mercy’ is a ‘dirty cheat’ despite providing no evidence of his claims.

“For the record, I do not think every Russian fighter or athlete cheats. Just like every American, Brazilian, Chinese, or any other nationality of athletes, you have the clean and dirty ones,” said Sterling posted on Twitter. He then used a play on words to imply Yan cheats, saying “Personally I think Cheotr Yan is a dirty cheat. Maybe I’m wrong but I highly doubt it.”

Sterling beat Yan via disqualification in a highly-controversial bantamweight title fight at UFC 259 which saw Sterling become the first UFC fighter to win a championship via DQ. The two are expected to rematch sometime later this year.