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Conor McGregor swears off alcohol for upcoming UFC training camp

McGregor is looking to get back in fighting shape.

The last time we saw Conor McGregor in the Octagon, he appeared to be screaming death threats at Dustin Poirier and his family before being removed on a stretcher. The former UFC lightweight and featherweight champion had suffered a broken leg in that bout and lost by TKO, his second TKO loss to Poirier in 2021.

In the aftermath of the bout McGregor used Twitter to continue his shtick of being a very bad and dangerous man, despite having lost that mantle in regards to his fighting career. As he’s further healed, the incendiary rhetoric from McGregor has died down, replaced mostly by training vignettes and promotional content for his beverage lines and the Black Forge Inn pub.

We’ve not heard much about his future plans in the Octagon. However, recently he took to Instagram to hint that a full training camp was on the horizon for a yet to be named opponent.

In that message McGregor also declared he would be abstaining from alcohol while training. This message was of course weaved into an advertisement for his whiskey and stout brands.

Here’s what ‘The Notorious’ wrote, in full:

“Sitting in actual awe at present. Can’t quite describe it. Last week, Saturday, the first day Ireland became free from restriction, and also coincidentally the anniversary of the late Arthur Guinness, @forgedirishstout outsold Guinness on premise for the first time. And everyday since! @forgedirishstout is now the clear leader in Stout sales for us! All of us in this industry know, for a Stout to do this is just unprecedented! Incredible! The fact it happened for the first time on that day in particular, I feel it a sign that I am on the right path here with all of this!

Onwards and upwards we go!

For my fighting fans, I want to say I know I am enjoying myself with my liquid, but very soon I will be immersing my self in full training again with complete abstention from my wonderful creations of Spirit and Ale. Just 5 more minutes Ma ❤️”

Potential opponents for McGregor remain plentiful. Despite having lost three of his last four fights, McGregor remains a big ticket seller for the UFC. He has claimed he deserves a title shot against lightweight champion Charles Oliveira (who is currently slated to take on Justin Gaethje).

Although McGregor’s record at lightweight is a paltry 1-3, his lone win coming in 2016, it wouldn’t be that much of a surprise if he jumped the queue at 155 lbs.

Oliveira has already said he would take a money-fight with McGregor if it became available to him. It’s not known if Gaethje feels the same, but the pay-per-view buy-rate the Dubliner brings in is hard for a champion to turn down.