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Video: Keyboard Warrior challenges UFC’s Kevin Holland, quickly gets embarrassed in gym

Be careful what you wish for. Kevin Holland is willing to teach internet trolls a lesson.

Kevin Holland has almost 30 professional fights and has headlined two UFC events. He’s beaten top caliber foes, including a win over an MMA and BJJ great, but for some reason this random internet troll thought he could take him on.

Holland posted screenshots of an MMA fan harassing him on social media and repeatedly calling him out for a fight.

“All I gotta say is even though your a black belt I’m positive I could submit you prove me wrong,” said a message from a guy named Jayden Draper.

There were follow up messages from each of the next two months, saying “Stop ducking me” and “Still ducking me p—syass.”

Eventually, the fighter obliged.

Holland paid for his bus ticket and hotel room in Texas, so they can meet at the gym. That’s where the UFC fighter aptly called “Big Mouth” decided to shut him up.

In the short clip he posted, Holland offers his leg for a takedown. The UFC fighter fended off the takedown before effortlessly choking him out and telling him to “get the f—k out of here.”

The internet troll is actually lucky that Holland was very nice in this sequence, as there are far more nasty and painful techniques he could’ve done instead. As seen in previous gym incidents, things could go significantly worse for those who issue these ill-advised challenges to UFC stars.

Here’s just two examples of random people thinking they can fight actual professionals: