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Michael Bisping urges ‘clown’ Jake Paul to ‘stop talking like a ‘real fighter’’

Michael Bisping is getting tired of Jake Paul’s shtick.

Jake Paul might be 5-0 in the boxing world with two knockout victories over two former MMA champions in Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley but, according to Michael Bisping, ‘The Problem Child’ still has zero credibility as a ‘real fighter’.

“Your goal should be to attain credibility in the fight world,” Bisping posted in response to Paul’s goals for 2022. “That’s what real fighters crave. Currently you have zero.”

Part of the problem, Bisping says, is that the YouTuber has yet to fight an actual boxer or take on someone his own size.

“Just tired of seeing this clown talking big when he’s yet to fight someone his own size, age or from his own sport,” Bisping replied to a fan asking if he’s looking for a fight against Paul. “When I see that I’ll give respect. Until then it’s just a side show. If his aim is to make cash, fair play. Job done. But stop talking like a real fighter until then.”

Bisping has given credit to Paul in the past but admits he ‘would love to tee off’ on the 24-year-old on behalf of the MMA community.

Paul was expected to take on a real boxer in Tommy Fury on Dec. 18 but the latter pulled out with a broken rib. Paul went on to rematch Woodley instead, KO’ing the former UFC welterweight champ with a monstrous overhand right in the sixth round.

The controversial social media influencer is currently one of the hottest commodities in combat sports.