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Boxing odds: Yes, Jake Paul vs. Antonio Brown has a betting line

Take a look at the betting odds for a potential boxing bout between polarizing prizefighter, Jake Paul, and a man on the outs with the NFL, Antonio Brown.

Polarizing prizefighter Jake Paul has been padding his pockets while compiling an undefeated boxing record comprised of former top-tier UFC fighters and even a former NBA star. Well, NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown stripped off his pads and walked off of the field today, mid-game, as his Tampa Bay Buccaneers were losing to the New York Jets in the third quarter. Afterwards, his coach went on the record to mention that Antonio is no longer with the Bucs, leaving his future in the NFL up in the air. Welp, online gambling site has already dropped some betting lines for a possible boxing match between Paul and Brown.

The 5-0-0 Paul is listed as a large -260 betting favorite, with a +200 comeback on the 0-0-0 Brown. There’s no telling whether or not this possibility could even be sanctioned as a professional bout, but the website states that this boxing match must take place before the end of 2022 for action. If Brown is to box, then wouldn’t Ocho Cinco Chad Johnson be a much better opponent for him to debut against? I’m just saying.

**If you want more of the NFL tea, then Jeff Kerr over at CBS Sports does a solid job here of breaking it all down. Here’s a clip of the chaos from the game:

Check out the betting odds for a possible matchup between Jake Paul and Antonio Brown, courtesy of

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