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Video: Watch Jake Paul choke out ‘Dana White’ in latest music video

Jake Paul’s troll-job of Dana White continues.

Jake Paul chokes out ‘Dana White’ in his latest music video.
Jake Paul chokes out ‘Dana White’ in his latest music video.
Jake Paul / YouTube

Jake Paul isn’t going anywhere, it seems. ‘The Problem Child’ continues to hang around combat sports, pulling focus from all corners of boxing and now MMA.

Lately, the 5-0 boxer has been scooping headlines for bickering with UFC president Dana White. The pair have said plenty about the each other, with some statements being more bizarre than others.

Much of their cross-talk has been around fighter pay, with Paul demanding UFC athletes receive their fair share of the promotion’s revenue. Whether Paul is genuinely moved by the plight of MMA fighters or is just looking for ways to troll his adversary (and gain more popularity) is up for debate.

Paul’s latest volley in his war of words with White is a sophomoric diss track/music video. You can watch it below, if you like. It includes Paul and his crew interacting with a Dana White lookalike. The whole thing ends with Paul fighting the fake Dana in a cage and eventually choking him out.

The song wraps up with Paul delivering a final statement to White, demanding more pay and healthcare for UFC fighters.

“Dana, pay your fighters more. Give them healthcare, you scumbag. I haven’t met a single person who says anything good about you. I passed my drug test and you went silent. I’m keeping my foot on your neck until you tap, bitch. Stop raising your pay-per-view prices on the fans and not paying fighters more. Greedy, old, lonely, bald, bitch.”

You can read all the lyrics here.