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WTF: More common sense self defense, undercover Kyokushin champ, moat pit fighting

We’re never going to run out of new innovations on unarmed violence. That’s a good problem to have.

Fight Commentary Breakdowns brings us another cool bit of not just accidental comedy, but accidental practical advice. See, they went back to the concept of “what if we just go with our gut?“ instead of going through what is clearly terrible self-defense advice. We’ve seen this before, and now, we’ve got weapons defense involved.

Some of this stuff needs to be seen to be believed. The fact that we’re still seeing such impractical and frankly absurd defense advice in 2022 is worrisome considering what we know now. It’s a step or two above Ashida Kim, but still not great. Jerry and Danielle have a bit of fun breaking down the techniques being demonstrated.

Here’s one from the African Warriors Fighting Championship archives, a really good bout that ends with a knockout so extraordinary, the victim lands in a James Brown split.

Still waiting on their next event, but there’s a lot to enjoy from them. Pay them a visit.

We’re gonna keep it in Nigeria for the next one with Dambe Warriors, and what can best be described as a punch frenzy.

From there we visit Europe, where Wotore took place. Basically it’s a mix of the YAMMA pit, the Ganryujima moat, with bare knuckle MMA that includes kicks to grounded opponents being legal.

Sound good? Because it looks good. Here’s some clips courtesy of Matysek.

My dude nails a field goal out here:

You can check out the whole event here:

We’ve got more Karate Combat action as well, this time featuring the run to crown a new bantamweight king. It’s all manner of fun.

As usual, STRELKA is back in the mix with their never-ending cavalcade of guys looking to scrap. In this first vid, two randos beat the stuffing out of each other in an ugly battle, but the final shot was absolutely devastating:

This next one is Tanker vs Beer Guy. Do I know which is which? No. Do I care? Absolutely not. Is it essential for your enjoyment of the experience? You better believe it ain’t. Just two chunky dudes beating the stuffing out of each other.

As a treat, we’re gonna end with a fun one. A Japanese Kyokushin champion travels to the U.S. and goes undercover at a Karate dojo teaching stuff that’s... not great. Stick with the bad lessons and check out the turn where she busts out her superstyling technique. After that, a wild reveal.

Vienetta is reportedly back, but it’s difficult to find in stores. That is a struggle comparable to that of any hardship of a Kyokushin master. Yet I persevere, and you can, too.

And remember - you might think you can fight, but there are many guys like you all over the world.