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Have you seen Jon Jones’ legs? Ngannou or Gane could ‘snap it in half’ with one kick, says Wonderboy

Stephen Thompson sees a huge disadvantage for Jon Jones against either Ciryl Gane or Francis Ngannou.

For the last year and a half, Jon Jones has been putting in the work to make himself a strong contender at heavyweight. The former light heavyweight champion managed to get himself up to as heavy as 250 pounds in preparation for the new phase of his career.

Many of us are curious to see how Jon Jones 2.0 will fare against the UFC’s elite heavyweights. But for Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson, the 34-year-old may be at a huge disadvantage when he faces either Francis Ngannou or Ciryl Gane.

“I would like to see Jon Jones face off against Gane. I’d watch that,” Thompson said in a UFC 270 recap video on his YouTube channel. “I just wanna see how big he is compared to the other guys. He’s tall enough, but have you seen Jon Jones’ legs, and have you seen Gane or Francis’ legs? Massive, like tree trunks.

“I just feel like they could just leg kick Jon Jones one time, just snap it in half.”

Jones last saw action at UFC 247 in early 2020 when he defended the 205-pound title against Dominick Reyes via a contested unanimous decision.