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UFC 270 results: Deiveson Figueiredo wins epic war over Brandon Moreno to reclaim flyweight belt

Deiveson Figueiredo just won a unanimous decision over Brandon Moreno to get his flyweight belt back in the UFC 270 PPV co-main event.

The UFC 270 PPV co-main event was the third installment of the promotion’s flyweight saga, with this time seeing Deiveson Figueiredo winning a unanimous decision over Brandon Moreno to recapture the 125-pound title. This fight was just as epic as their other two encounters. We got plenty of significant strikes on both sides, knockdowns, takedowns, and some brawling to boot. This brings the score to 1-1-1, which will likely lead to a historic fourth meeting with Moreno. What a fight!

The fighters collided in the middle of the Octagon, and then proceeded to jockey for position in the clinch against the cage. In open space, Figueiredo was attacking with leg kicks, while Moreno was more fixated on boxing. As Figueiredo was throwing one of those leg kicks, Moreno seemed to hurt him with an off-balance punch. Figueiredo started working his takedown, but Moreno didn’t seem interested in fighting on the floor.

Figueiredo was still threatening with takedowns to begin the second act, and mixing in his leg kicks. As the round went on, Moreno started to get his hands going, and he even began throwing some leg kicks of his own. Figueiredo responded by opening up with punching combinations, but Moreno just came back with even cleaner combos that seemed to do more damage.

Figueiredo scored an early takedown in the third act, but just wasn’t able to hold down the champion. Then, Figueiredo wobbled Moreno with a punch, prompting a backwards roll from Brandon. Moreno started swinging back, hurting Figueiredo with his hands. The calf kicks of Figueiredo were still coming, and he was dropping Moreno with them. Moreno kept landing his left hand, which was doing work and keeping Figueiredo honest. Just as there was 10-seconds to go, Figueiredo dropped Moreno with a massive right hand. Figgy locked up an anaconda, but ran out of time.

Moreno seemed a little hesitant going into the fourth, perhaps from him still being wobbled. Figueiredo seemed to be in control, but Moreno started to build up some steam the longer the round went on. Figueiredo went back to the wrestling, clinching on the champ against the fence. As soon as Moreno got the slightest bit of breathing room, he went ballistic with punches.

Moreno flipped the script and hit a takedown of his own to start the final frame, but Figueiredo was quick to get back up. Moreno started to get his volume going, but was knocked down by a big Figueiredo right hand. Moreno stood right back up and flurried with his hands, trying to get something back. The final 30-seconds was an insane brawl, with both men landing big blows, but neither man falling down.

Deiveson Figueiredo def. Brandon Moreno by unanimous decision (48-47 x3): Flyweight title