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‘Hiding from what?’ - UFC’s JP Buys accuses Cheyanne Vlismas of ‘having an affair’

UFC bantamweight JP Buys has some words for Cheyanne Vlismas, who recently revealed she’s been in an undisclosed location overseas.

UFC fighters JP Buys and Cheyanne Vlismas during happier times in July 2021.
UFC fighters JP Buys and Cheyanne Vlismas in July 2021.
Photo by Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC

UFC strawweight Cheyanne Vlismas did an interview with MMA Fighting recently and gave some troubling updates on her current situation. The 26-year-old revealed she’s currently in an undisclosed location overseas to deal with some personal issues.

Without giving specifics, “The Warrior Princess” also stated that while she wants to get back in the swing of things, career-wise, she’s left with no choice but to remain on the sidelines indefinitely.

“No one knows where I’m at, and I’m actually keeping it that way,” Vlismas said. “A lot of things happened before my fight – and even after my fight – and I decided what’s best is to just escape. I’ve been gone now for two weeks and I love it. I’m overseas and just living my life.

“I was actually not even supposed to fight in my last fight. I was asked not to by some high-up people. They told me, ‘Please do not take this fight.’

“Even my family didn’t want me to fight, one, for being sick, and two, for other reasons I can’t speak about. No one wanted me to fight at all, so the fact I got to finish off 2021 with a fight, and winning, and proving to people just that little [more] like I did it, more for myself, it was a good feeling.”

On Monday afternoon, Vlismas’ estranged husband UFC bantamweight JP Buys revealed some things from his side of the fence.

Many were likely caught by surprise when Vlismas reverted to using her maiden name for her most recent fight against Mallory Martin in early December. Buys was also absent from her corner at the time. She did, however, win the fight via decision, along with a $50K bonus for Fight of the Night to improve to a 7-2 record.