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Tyron Woodley insists he won’t get his ‘I love Jake’ tattoo until a rematch with Paul is signed

Tyron Woodley wants to run it back with Jake Paul.

Tattoo artists react to UFC tattoos

A subplot to the Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley story was a bet between the rivals that the loser of their August 29 boxing match would get a tattoo proclaiming their love for the other.

Tatu Baby, star of Ink Master, was even drafted in to create and deliver the tattoo. However, despite us being weeks removed from the fight—which was won by Paul via split decision—we are still yet to see the losing fighter make good on the bet.

Woodley had previously stated he would go through with the tattoo and even revealed where on his body he would get it. However, now Woodley is saying that he will stand firm on not getting the tattoo unless he has a rematch with Paul.

Here’s Woodley explaining his reasoning on an Instagram Live session.

“That tattoo situation, the original bet was the loser gets the tattoo,” Woodley said (ht MMA Fighting). “In the ring, a new bet was presented that, in my opinion, superseded the previous bet. That bet said if you get the tattoo then we can run it back. We both said ‘Bet’ and we shook hands. So that’s a bet I’m trying to facilitate and the rematch has to happen. If we get the paperwork, of course.”

“It’s all part of the story,” Woodley added. “This wouldn’t have been a trilogy. I’m gonna fuck him up and then his pride’s gonna kick in and we’re gonna do it again and it’s gonna literally be a whole movie that people talk about for a very long time.”

Despite Woodley’s insistence that he scores a rematch with Paul, and with it another chance to land a career-high payday, ‘The Problem Child’ has shown no signs of wanting to make Paul vs. Woodley 2 a thing.

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