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Video: Jake Paul talks about that Tyron Woodley punch in new locker room footage

Hear what Jake Paul had to say moments after his split decision win over Tyron Woodley.

Jake Paul walked away from his Showtime Sports debut with a split decision win and a 4-0 pro boxing record. However, there was a moment in his fight with Tyron Woodley that came very close to changing all that.

Though Paul vs. Woodley was a largely dull affair that was lacking any major action, the most clean and powerful punch of the night was landed by the former UFC welterweight champion. That punch sent Paul reeling to the ropes. Though, it wasn’t enough to stop ‘The Problem Child’ from winning on the scorecards.

Showtime recently dropped their All Access segment documenting the fight and the immediate aftermath. You can watch that below:

At the end of the video we go into Paul’s locker room. There we meet Dave Chappelle, for some reason, and hear from Paul’s big bro Logan Paul. Paul also discusses that punch that almost sent his combat sports career crashing down in flames.

“It was a good hit,” said Paul, nonchalantly. “That’s all it was, it’s boxing. It’s boxing. If you’re a mechanic, you’re going to get dirty.”

Paul has signed a multi-fight deal with Showtime, so we’re bound to hear and see more from him soon. His next opponent is currently a mystery.

Woodley is adamant that he deserves a rematch. And he’s willing to hold out on his promise to get an ‘I Love Jake’ tattoo until that’s agreed to.