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Jack Shore fought through torn bicep tendon, broken thumb at UFC Vegas 36

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The UFC bantamweight won his fight on Saturday night, but did so with a few injuries. 

Jack Shore fought through a torn bicep tendon and broken thumb at UFC Vegas 36 on Saturday night.

Shore dominated short-notice replacement Liudvik Sholinian and earned his fourth consecutive victory in the Octagon, but did so with those aforementioned injuries. He actually entered the fight with the torn bicep tendon, and told UFC color commentator Michael Bisping that he may have exacerbated the injury during a takedown attempt in the first round.

“I was just happy to get through the fight,” said Shore. “I tore my bicep tendon two weeks ago, so we’ve done nothing for two weeks, just worked around it. I felt it go in the first takedown exchange. I’m just happy to get through it with a win, to be honest with you.”

Shore elaborated further on the injury during his post-fight interview, and said that he had it assessed at the UFC Performance Institute once he arrived for fight week. He found out it was a torn bicep tendon and just did his best to deal with it as he prepared for Sholinian.

“I Injured my shoulder two weeks ago in training before I flew out, when I got out here, the P.I. told me it was a torn bicep tendon,” said Shore (video via MMA Junkie). “They did a great job, in all fairness, for the eight days I’ve been out here. When I landed out here, I couldn’t even throw a punch, so they got it in a good position, but obviously the wrestling and clinch work was nonexistent for me tonight. I couldn’t leverage, I couldn’t squeeze [and] that’s how I couldn’t finish that submission in the first round. So, the doctors now are going to arrange for me to do a scan back in the U.K. and obviously we’ll know what we’re dealing with then in terms of recovery.”

Shore was asked if he considered withdrawing from the fight because of the injury. He admitted it could have happened, but the undefeated prospect wanted to fight regardless and had no intention of withdrawing from the event that prominently featured his fellow countrymen.

‘Tank’ then vowed to never enter a fight again if he was not completely healthy because he noticed how significant of an effect it had on him and his overall gameplan.

“My coaches wanted me to give it a few days,” said Shore. “They were constantly checking on me for about five days before we flew [out] but if I can get in there, I’ll get in there. I’ve never pulled out of a fight in my life. I didn’t want to start with this one. It was a big card, full of Brits and I didn’t not want to be a part of it. I got a good enough game that if I can get in there and perform I will.

“Don’t get me wrong, looking back it could’ve gone horribly wrong probably if it had torn completely during the fight, but thankfully I was able to keep it at bay. But I won’t be going into fights no more if I’m not 100 percent.”

Several days after the fight, Shore took to social media to reveal that he also suffered a broken thumb, which is seen wrapped up in a cast. A recovery process has not been revealed yet, but it could be a lengthy one depending on the severity of these injuries.