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UFC hall-of-famer Bonnar posts troubling meltdown over pain pills, altercation with cops, hospital staff

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UFC Hall-of-Famer Stephan Bonnar recently had an altercation with police officers and hospital staff members.

UFC Hall-of-Famer Stephan Bonnar got into an altercation with hospital staff members and some police officers on Saturday.
UFC Hall-of-Famer Stephan Bonnar got into an altercation with hospital staff members and some police officers on Saturday.

Stephan Bonnar wasn’t having a very good past few days, at least based on his recent social media posts. The 44-year-old UFC Hall-of-Famer shared a few videos on Instagram, the first one showing him holed up in a bathroom after arguing with some hospital staff members.

Later in this short clip, Bonnar revealed that he was at Henderson Hospital in Nevada getting arrested.

I’m at Henderson Hospital, and they’re gonna arrest me. They won’t treat me because I got prescribed Oxycodone, 10 mg, and I got it filled a few weeks ago. Anyway, last week when I broke my vertebrae from wrestling off the top rope…

In the next video he posted, Bonnar is seen having words with two police officers. He went on to explain that he was trying to visit his longtime orthopedic surgeon to seek treatment for his fractured vertebrae.

But as one officer calmly asked him to sit down, Bonnar went from zero to a hundred within seconds.

“I can’t sit, dumbf—k, my back’s broken! Stephan Bonnar, I’m a UFC Hall of Famer. I don’t have my license on me or my debit card. You know why? Because the pharmacist at CVS forgot to give it back to me. You know when? When she was telling me I couldn’t get my 7.5mg Norcos because, guess why, I recently had 10mg Oxys filled.

“So they could only give me Tramadol. The Tramadol is awful, it doesn’t work. And the Oxycodone 10mgs are all gone. So I came to the emergency room finally after suffering with a fractured lumbar vertebrae, doctor, for a week!”

Some of his high-profile peers later reached out to express concern and show their support.

Stephan Bonnar meltdown Diego Sanchez Mark Coleman
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For fans of “The American Psycho,” this is difficult to watch. And unfortunately, this has been a trend over the past few years. In 2018, he was charged with his third DUI offense. And just five months ago, he went viral for getting kicked out from a gym after refusing to wear a mask.

Bonnar rose to mainstream MMA recognition after his memorable barnburner with fellow Hall-of-Famer Forrest Griffin at the TUF 1 finale in 2005. After taking his last MMA fight in 2014, he has since dabbled in professional wrestling, competing in small circuits.