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Video: Badr Hari gets knocked out by Arkadiusz Wrzosek in all-time crazy comeback

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GLORY kickboxing featured an unbelievable turn of events involving Badr Hari and Arkadiusz Wrzosek.

Badr Hari lays on the ring during the Glory 78 bout vs. Arkadiusz Wrzosek.
Photo by JERRY LAMPEN/ANP/AFP via Getty Images

Easily the most incredible combat sports ending this weekend came in the GLORY kickboxing ring.

Badr Hari was absolutely having his way with Arkadiusz Wrzosek at GLORY 78 in The Netherlands, scoring three knockdowns in less than two rounds. Hari’s vicious body attack left Wrzosek in all sorts of pain but he bravely beat the count each time. A fourth knockdown would’ve been the end of the bout and a first win for Hari in over six years.

What transpired is one of the more abrupt and remarkable comebacks you will ever see.

Up against the ropes and having just absorbed another left hook to the body, Wrzosek threw a head kick that caught Badr cleanly and put him down. He would not make it up in ten seconds.

Watch the video for yourself, along with the disbelieving commentary from Todd Grisham and Joe Valtellini.

Hats off to Wrzosek for a career-best win under extraordinary circumstances.

Instead of being on the cusp of victory he ends up with the most bitter of defeats. Kickboxing’s bad boy is now 0-4-1 NC in his last five, and that one no contest against Hesdy Gerges was actually an overturned win after the rarity of both fighters popping for PEDs.

By the way, on the undercard of this event Alex Pereira lost his rematch to Artem Vakhitov and as such will enter the UFC having lost his GLORY light heavyweight title in the ring and not through vacating the belt.