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Conor McGregor responds to Anderson Silva’s leg break advice

McGregor bemoaned the lack of support he’s received from the MMA community.

Conor McGregor Ankle Break LIVE REACTION vs. Dustin Poirier | UFC 264

Conor McGregor continues to heal and rehab from the traumatic leg break he suffered at UFC 264 in July. At that event, he sustained a total fracture of the tibia when one of his kicks collided with the elbow of Dustin Poirier. The fight was ruled a TKO win for Poirier, giving ‘The Diamond’ two TKO wins over ‘Notorious’ and a record of 2-1 in their trilogy of fights.

In the immediate aftermath of the injury McGregor seethed at Poirier and threatened to kill him and his family. Those threats persisted in the weeks following the event. McGregor has continued to cut a malicious and agitated figure on social media, spewing insults at some of his favourite targets (and a few new ones, too).

Thanks to the toxic environment he has created, McGregor has received very few supportive messages from his fellow fighters. However, he did receive some words of encouragement from a man who knows the Irishman’s situation all too well.

UFC legend Anderson Silva, who famously suffered the same injury against Chris Weidman, publicly advised McGregor to focus on his mind during this year long recovery period so he can come back to competition a stronger and better fighter.

This isn’t the first time Silva has offered encouragement to someone who suffered this injury. Earlier this year he shared a heartwarming moment with Weidman, who suffered a broken leg in a fight with Uriah Hall.

Just as Weidman did, McGregor clearly appreciated hearing from one of MMA’s GOATs. McGregor took to Instagram to thank ‘The Spider’, while also using the moment to bash some of his foes.

I appreciate this message greatly Anderson, thank you.

You know, since this freak injury happened to me, I’ve had very little support from my fellow colleagues. In fact quite the exact opposite. The claws came out. But no worries! I love a little scratch from a bitch. See yous when I get ya’s you’s little nobodies!

McGregor’s timetable for a recovery has been estimated at around a year. McGregor has expressed his intention to return to fighting once his leg is healed. He has also expressed his desire to fight two men he’s faced multiple times before: Dustin Poirier and Nate Diaz.

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