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Boxing hall-of-famer says Jake Paul was ‘exposed’: One was ‘scared,’ the other was glad of it

Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini says he didn’t even want to watch the fight ring side.

Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini was ring side for the Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley, and the former boxing champion says not only was he not impressed, he also didn’t really even want to watch that “bullcrap” in the first place.

The 60-year-old boxing hall-of-famer says that while he wasn’t impressed with either fighter, he believes Paul got “exposed” and didn’t deserve to win that split decision.

“That’s a fight where one guy’s scared and the other guy’s glad of it. One guy did nothing and the other guy did less,” Mancini told Fight Hub (transcript via Bad Left Hook). “If Woodley ain’t in it, there ain’t no fight! (Paul) got exposed for what he is.

“My ass! Woodley won that fight. What else are you gonna say? We know that one guy sells tickets and the other guy don’t mean a whole lot. It’s called show business for a reason. Business comes long before the show,” he said.

“(Woodley) was the aggressor and was actually landing the more effective punches, better punches. He rocked this guy a couple times and marked him up. If he’s not in there, there is no fight. What did the other guy do? Move, move, move. He did nothing! Nothing!

“(Paul) showed good movement and a pretty good chin, even if he got tapped a little bit. But he got exposed for what he is. It’s exhausting.”

The former lightweight world champion says he isn’t interested in watching a rematch, and didn’t even want to attend this one in the first place.

“No! For what?! I didn’t want to see this bullcrap now as it is! I’m here because I’m on the commission and it’s good entertainment. The rest of the card was a great card. This? Bullshit! The card was good. This is bullshit. This is horseshit here! One guy can’t fight, this guy can’t fight a lick.”