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‘Can I grab those cheeks now, Papi?’ - Jake Paul responds to Tyron Woodley’s tattoo

Tyron Woodley got the ‘I love Jake Paul’ tattoo that was part of the stakes for losing their PPV boxing match. And it sounds like he’s captured Paul’s heart in the process.

Tyron Woodley went out and did it. He held up his part of the bet and got the ‘I Love Jake Paul’ tattoo that honor required, following his loss to the former Disney actor and YouTube star in their boxing bout last August.

Whether or not that will be the magic move to get him back into position for a potential rematch, or not, remains to be seen. But, at the very least, he definitely got Paul’s attention. The 24-year-old delivered a video message to Woodley on YouTube (of course), to tell the former UFC welterweight champion just what he thought about the ‘Chosen One’’s new ink.

“No way did a grown ass man just get a tattoo that says I love Jake Paul!” Paul proclaimed, through a fit of laughter. “This is my official response to Tyron Woodley getting the tattoo.”

Paul then spit out a small, folded piece of paper that he’d been keeping stuffed in his cheek. After a few moments of rustling and mugging for the camera, he held up a small hand-written note, with “I LOVE YOU TOO” scrawled across it.

But, that wasn’t the end of the message. Just before cutting off the feed, Paul wrapped up his video with a more personal request for his former foe, cooing “Can I grab those cheeks now Papi?” into the mic.

Where all this ends for Woodley remains to be seen. Obviously, he’s hoping to meet Paul back inside the ring, for another few rounds of fisticuffs. But, it sounds like Paul may have a more intimate setting for their next rendezvous in mind.

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