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UFC 266 results and video: Alexander Volkanovski retains title with win over a tough Brian Ortega

Alexander Volkanovski just took a unanimous decision over Brian Ortega to retain his featherweight title in the UFC 266 main event.

Alexander Volkanovski successfully defended his featherweight title by winning a unanimous decision over a scrappy challenger in Brian Ortega in the UFC 266 main event. Ortega had his moments when he jumped a couple of submission attempts in the third and fourth rounds, but Volkanovski made him pay each time with a ton of ground and pound. This is Alexander’s second title defense and 10th straight UFC victory. The champ is looking pretty unbeatable at the moment.

Both fighters were attacking the legs early on, and then they both exchanged jabs. Volkanovski was the one pressuring forward in this tightly contested match. Ortega was being more patient, but he did cut Volkanovski below his left eye. The champ was finding success when he would leap in with his punches, and he cut Ortega around the top of his left eye, but he had to eat a few to give a few more.

Ortega seemed to start the second round in a rhythm. He was pumping out his jab and then added in a strong leg kick. Volkanovski got it back with a set of heavy right hands that got through, and also started chipping away at the lead leg of Brian. Volkanovski was doing well with mixing up his punches and kicks. Ortega started to connect with a couple of calf kicks that seemed to surprise the champ. The fighters shared a stair down after the bell and had to be separated by the ref.

The third round witnessed and accidental clash of heads that seemed to affect Ortega more so than Volkanovski. It looked as though the accidental blow busted open the nose of Ortega, which had to have disrupt his breathing. Then, Ortega knocked over the champion and jumped on a guillotine. Volkanovski managed to escape and started to push away from the top. That's when Brian locked up a triangle, but again Volkanovski escaped and started to punch away.

The doctor came in to look at Ortega before the start of the fourth frame and deemed him fit to continue. Ortega went for the takedown in the fourth frame, and used the scramble to jump an anaconda. Volkanovski escaped once again and began dropping hammers. Ortega answered the bell for the final round, and he actually went for it. He was coming forward and throwing some volume as the output of Volkanovski started to slow down. He even seemed to rock the champion just before the bell. Ortega has tremendous heart and toughness.

Main event result:

Alexander Volkanovski def. Brian Ortega by unanimous decision (49-46, 50-45, 50-44): Featherweight Title

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