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Best round ever? - UFC 266 video: Alexander Volkanovski vs Brian Ortega full fight highlights

Watch video from the UFC 266 main event.

UFC 266 had two title fights, and topping the card was a featherweight championship bout between Alexander Volkanovski and Brian Ortega. While they’ve both displayed very well rounded skills, many pegged this contest as a striker vs grappler type of match up due to their perceived advantages. It was fairly one sided for the most part, but the third round was one of the best rounds ever for a title fight. Volkanovski survived very very deep submission attempts, and still willingly engaged and landed hard blows.

Ortega may just be too tough for his own good, taking serious damage on his two title bouts against Volkanovski and Max Holloway.

Watch video from the bout below, along with a snippet from our play-by-play of the contest:

Alexander Volkanovsi vs. Brian Ortega, Round 3

Ortega with a lead left. Volk with a patented low kick. Again. Nice combo from both men. Volk with a right? I think? It looked like they bumped heads actually. Ortega with a combo! But the champ clips him right back. It’s a fight now! Volk presses forward and tags the challenger. Ortega is trying but he’s telegraphing his jabs. VOLK FALLS BACK AND ORTEGA HAS A GUILLOINE! OH HOW! VOLK DEFENDS! And takes top shot and wants to be the eff out of him! WOW! He’s getting it all back! TRIANGLE THOUGH! FROM T-CITY! OH MY GOD! AV DEFENDS AND POPS OUT! And how he’s beating the dog out of Ortega on top now! That is the best championship round I’ve seen in ages! Ortega is done! 10-9 Volkanovski?

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