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Video: Logan Paul thinks he beats Anderson Silva, but won’t fight him next

Combat sports fans have not seen the back of Logan Paul yet.

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Like it or not the Paul brothers are two of the biggest names in combat sports today.

And neither of them seem to have any desire to walk away from boxing just yet. Jake Paul has a multi-fight deal with Showtime and seems to be trying to set up a bout with Tommy Fury.

Logan Paul, having fought Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition this summer, is also on the hunt for a new fight. And, according to him, he already has an opponent lined up.

He appeared on The Pain Game podcast where he teased who his next opponent is. Though, he didn’t reveal a name, he did state—emphatically—that it wasn’t UFC legend Anderson Silva, who smoked Tito Ortiz last time out.

“I know who my next opponent is,” Paul told the podcast host. Paul then revealed that the opponent was a “fighter” and not a fellow influencer.

After the host asked if it was Silva, Paul answered no and then gave an explanation as to why fighting ‘The Spider’ (or ex-UFC champ Vitor Belfort) didn’t make sense to him right now.

“Anderson does look good ... he’s kind of leading the charge,” he said. “Tito looked like fucking shit. Vitor Belfort looked like fucking shit ... I don’t want to be a full on professional boxer. I literally have no interest in doing that. I have an interest in putting on the biggest shows in the world and Vitor Belfort is not that ...

“Anderson is still not that. It’s more interesting, but here’s why, here’s what I have to weigh, ready? How good is the guy and how much are they bringing to the table. Anderson is very good as a boxer and he doesn’t bring that much to the table. It’s risk-reward, it’s a fucking business. Bro, would I fight Anderson Silva? Yes. Do I think I can beat him? Yes. Am I going to? Probably not.”

Paul also said there was no way he would be fighting Tommy Fury. Paul added that Fury would get “fucking murdered” if he fought his younger brother next.