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Watch: MMA fighter goes PRIDE rules, sleeps street bro in gym war, lands cheap shot

Another in a long series of reminders that it’s not a good idea to walk into an MMA gym and start picking fights.

Things went downhill fast from here.

We may be several decades removed from the legendary Gracie gym wars of the 90s, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still a few people out there who didn’t get the message: that there are better ways to prove themselves than walking into an MMA camp and asking someone to kick their ass.

Case in point, an all new viral video making the rounds, showcasing our red shorts beclothed man of the people, who has decided to test his mettle by walking into his local mixed martial arts establishment with an offer of fisticuffs.

Sporting a black t-shirt and red compression trunks (and a set of 4oz gloves just to make things official), MMA’s representative of the moment gave a true lesson on why the sport used to be called no-holds-barred fighting, with a punishing push kick to open the bout, followed by a barrage of ground-and-pound. And just to drive home the point that this isn’t your mamma’s Octagon, he even tossed in a few knees to the head of a grounded opponent, before choking the man unconscious with a guillotine and delivering one final cheap shot after the proverbial bell had rung.

This angry Jim Norton look-a-like may have been 400-0 on the streets, but he’s now 0-1 in MMA, pending a possible appeal to have this overturned to a DQ for unsportsmanlike conduct.