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This Nick Diaz shadow boxing video is getting people worried about his chances at UFC 266

Can Nick Diaz get his first win in a decade?

UFC 266 will mark Nick Diaz’s return from competition after spending almost seven years in the sidelines. He will take on a man he already beat 17(!) years ago in Robbie Lawler, but the former welterweight champion has been far more active as of late.

Many are curious about how the longtime fan-favorite would look on his return, but some are already getting worried for Diaz’s chances after seeing a recent shadowboxing video.

There are much more in the replies, but here are some of the reactions:

It’s obviously not fair to jump to conclusions or judge speed and technique over a promotional video, as opposed to actual training, but Diaz admittedly does not look good here. Even just physically, he looks far from his past self. And if we add in how they suddenly asked to bump the fight up from welterweight to middleweight just days before weigh-ins, and it’s understandable why people are reacting that way.

Even without seeing this though, there’s always been more than enough reason to be concerned about Diaz’s return.

Now 38, the elder Diaz brother hasn’t won a fight in a decade. Before going back to a healthier lifestyle for this return, he also had a long worrying stretch of getting “out of control” just drinking and partying in Las Vegas.

Diaz also recently expressed how he doesn’t even enjoy fighting. He said he had “a lot of resentment towards the sport for taking so much from me, but not giving anything back.”