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Video: Worst first pitch ever?! Conor McGregor almost tosses one into front row at Cubs game

Conor McGregor threw the ceremonial first pitch at the Minnesota Twins-Chicago Cubs game on Tuesday night, and it was just a bit outside.

UFC superstar Conor McGregor is back in the sports headlines this week. But at least this time, he’s giving us something to collectively chuckle about.

“The Notorious” was granted the honor of throwing the first pitch at the Chicago Cubs-Minnesota Twins game on Tuesday night at Wrigley Field. As many observers had put it, the pitch was “just a bit outside.”

Was it nerves? Maybe his bum leg was acting up? Maybe baseball wasn’t a sport he played as a kid growing up?

Whatever the reason was, it didn’t take long before the ever-loving fans piled on.

Perhaps what made this little moment more newsworthy was the fact that it involved McGregor. But he isn’t the first UFC fighter to badly fumble a first pitch attempt.

McGregor won’t be back inside the cage until 2022, so this is likely the most action we’ll get to see from him for the time being. But at least he’s entertaining us while he’s at it.

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