There are lots of reasons Leon Edwards needs to take the Masvidal fight, the biggest one being redemption

Leon’s decision on whether to take this fight with Masvidal could be one of the most important decisions of his career.

And let’s be honest, he’s not known for doing himself any favors when it comes to decision making and marketing himself. And I’m not talking about him turning down the Usman fight, which was offered to him during the height of the strict UK lockdown. I’m talking about turning down Wonderboy when no-one else would fight take a fight with Leon, and demanding a title shot right after inflicting a brutal eye poke on Belal Muhammad. And, if he turns down this fight with Masvidal, I believe this will be yet another huge error of judgement from Leon Edwards.

There are a good number of reasons that Leon should take this fight - he's not been active enough; he hasn't beaten enough top ten talent; he needs more fan exposure. Basically just a list of his biggest criticisms.

However, the only reason why I think Leon should take another fight before he gets a title shot, is the fact that Jorge Masvidal cracked him (apparently) three times in the face – one piece, two piece and a soda – and Leon didn’t land one shot back. And this was in Leon’s backyard, with pictures of his cut up face on every MMA news media outlet around the world the next day.

Leon should salivating at the opportunity of getting in the cage with Masvidal and gaining some redemption. And he should want it all the more with the potential payday and fan exposure that he would gain from a fight with that much backstory and promotional material.

From the outside looking in, it looks as though Leon isn’t confident enough in his ability to get through Masvidal, and that the risk just isn’t worth staking the reward of getting a title shot.

Of course, as fans of Leon we know this not to be the case, and remember him shouting from the rooftops calling out the likes of Gilbert Burns and Jorge Masvidal to no avail in the very recent past.

No doubt these memories are fresh and he doesn’t want to give Masvidal the time of day, let alone fight the guy.

But the reality is, Masvidal is the biggest fight he can take right now, and it's a winnable one.

He might not ever get a title shot if he just sits out and waits. Luque could put on a stellar performance in his next bout and completely leapfrog Leon.

As impressive as Leon’s win streak is, it of course becomes less relevant the more time passes.

The fact is, Leon has got to do something to get some heat behind his name right now, and sitting out would be going about it in the worst possible way.

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