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Bellator 266 video highlights: Phil Davis spoils promotional debut of Yoel Romero

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Check out the full video highlights of Phil Davis vs. Yoel Romero from the Bellator 266 main event.

Phil Davis outwrestled Yoel Romero at Bellator 266.
Phil Davis outwrestled Yoel Romero at Bellator 266.
Lucas Noonan/Bellator MMA

Phil Davis spoiled the promotional debut of Yoel Romero at Bellator 266 on Saturday night.

Romero and Davis opted to exchange strikes and kicks in the first round. Davis connected with a few right hands and Romero worked on chopping down the lead leg of his opponent. Outside of a flurry toward the middle of the round, nothing too significant happened, but that would change soon. Davis started to incorporate his wrestling in the second and third rounds, where he found a lot of success. He kept Romero on the canvas and did quite a bit of damage with some brutal knees to the body. Davis scored five takedowns by the end of the fight and went on to earn a split decision over Romero.

Check out Mookie Alexander’s play-by-play of the third round of Phil Davis vs. Yoel Romero:

Romero throwing some absolute heaters. But he’s not landing cleaning enough. Another takedown by Davis and he almost gets full mount. Romero scrambles and he’s back to his feet but Phil takes him down again. Romero to his feet again but taken down again. Mr. Wonderful getting in some elbows and some knees to the body. Romero with the reversal and he’s to his feet again but he needs to get free and land home run shots. Davis drops down for a double and here’s another takedown. Just a one-sided round for Davis as he fires off knees to the ribs and Romero can’t really do much of anything. Romero is up again but Davis can ride out the clock with clinch control as he’s surely got a W. 30-27 Davis.

Official result: Phil Davis def. Yoel Romero by split decision (30-27, 28-29 lol, 30-26)