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‘This isn’t Microsoft,’ I have 700 ‘lunatics’ in UFC - Dana White dismisses Conor McGregor’s VMA tussle

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Dana White comments on the recent VMA red carpet dust-up between Conor McGregor and rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

UFC president Dana White is as lax of a boss as they come. As long as you’re not going after a fellow fighter’s wife or family, you’re apparently pretty much free to do whatever you want.

Over the weekend, White’s biggest superstar Conor McGregor once again managed to get himself in trouble. “The Notorious” got into it with rapper Machine Gun Kelly at the MTV Video Music Awards red carpet on Sunday, allegedly over some DMs sent to the latter’s girlfriend Megan Fox.

When asked about his thoughts on the incident, White had this to say.

“Guys, this is the fight business,” the UFC boss told reporters after Tuesday’s Dana White Contender Series. “I got 700 f—ng lunatics under contract here, what do you guys think’s gonna… these are the things that happen sometimes. This isn’t Microsoft. We’re in a crazy f—ng business here.

“We’re in a crazy business. And I think we all know Conor’s personality, and we got some guys that are like that.

“These guys are fighters, and this is the fight business. And crazy shit happens in the fight business.”

From his end, McGregor already stated that it’s “all love” and “no beef” with Kelly.