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Bisping slams Belfort for going too hard on ‘old man’ Holyfield: It was only an exhibition

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Michael Bisping goes off on Vitor Belfort following his TKO victory against Evander Holyfield.

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Michael Bisping during broadcast duties at a UFC Fight Night.
Michael Bisping provides commentary for UFC on ESPN: Burns vs. Woodley.
Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

UFC Hall-of-Famer Michael Bisping wants to remind Vitor Belfort that his boxing match against Evander Holyfield was only an exhibition.

Belfort beat 58-year-old Holyfield via first-round TKO and celebrated as if he had ‘just knocked out Mike Tyson in his prime’, according to Bisping.

‘The Count’ slammed Belfort for his performance and said the Brazilian was likely using steroids again (Bisping believes Belfort, who is a known user of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), was using performance-enhancing drugs in their middleweight bout at UFC on FX 7 which saw the Brit suffer a detached retina in his left eye after being dropped with a vicious head kick in the second round).

“Evander went out there, he looked so slow,” Bisping said on his YouTube channel (h/t Middle Easy). “Fair play to Vitor Belfort. He did look fast. He looked like, for some reason, somehow he hit puberty again for like the fourth time in his life. His muscles were growing back. No doubt. He had spots on his back as well. And he looked fast. It was all back. I guarantee he was on steroids. He was on everything under the sun. Now fair play, I guarantee that Evander Holyfield was as well, you don’t look like Evander Holyfield at 58 years like that, unless you get a good doctor and you got an ass, like a dark board, it’s as simple as that.”

“If it’s an exhibition bout, come on, take it easy on the guy a little bit. It’s clearly obvious when he fell through the ropes… we don’t see that from boxers in their prime. Then he drops him and puts him down. And he’s back on the feet. Is that okay? There’s the time now, Vitor to maybe step off the gas a little bit and have a little play. It’s clear. You’re at this point, better than him because of your athletic ability, because you’re faster. He’s 58 years old and he’s old news and he’s got too many miles on the clock.”

“He’s a brave, broken down, old vehicle. He is conquered out right before your very eyes. Take it easy. Play the game. You were fighting like this was personal. Evander Holyfield hasn’t done anything to you. Give the people what they paid to see. Whoever partied ways with their money on Saturday and had to watch that shit show. Give them what they paid to see, give them an exhibition match.”

“You were fighting him like he insulted your mother. You fought him like you were Tyron Woodley and he talked shit about mama Woodley. My god, leave poor Evander alone. Have a little exhibition match, but you didn’t do that. You went out there, you blitzed him. Fair enough. You got a first-round stoppage against over an old guy or an old guy that can’t clearly fight anymore. Then you celebrated like you just knocked out Mike Tyson in his prime.”

Belfort called out YouTuber Jake Paul in his post-fight interview with a $25 million fight offer. Triller later upped the prize with a $30 million ‘winner-takes-all’ proposal. 24-year-old Paul doubts the offer is genuine.