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Vitor Belfort says he’s Jake Paul’s ‘daddy’, wants to ‘teach that boy a lesson’

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Vitor Belfort wants to teach Jake Paul a lesson in respect.

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Vitor Belfort is going all-in on his proposed $30 million Triller ‘winner-takes-all’ boxing match against Jake Paul, proclaiming that he is Paul’s ‘daddy’.

Belfort, who called out Paul following his first-round TKO victory over Evander Holyfield at the weekend, doubled down on his offer in a recent interview with TMZ Sports.

“I’d like to teach that boy a lesson. Your parents give you behaviors and all that, so he’s gonna meet his big daddy,” Belfort said.

Paul, 24, doubts Triller’s offer is genuine but ‘The Phenom’ says they have the cash.

“And, if he likes money, we got big money,” he said. “There’s no excuse to run away from this fight. So, he has to take it, and if you don’t take it, he’s gonna show he’s a coward and he’s looking for easy fights.”

As desperate as Belfort is to teach that boy Paul a lesson, the latter would prefer to fight a ‘bigger name’ such as Jorge Masvidal, the UFC ‘BMF’ champion. The Cleveland native did say, however, that he would consider fighting Belfort if Triller can prove the offer is legit.

“If they were to put the money in a bank account – an escrow account – and show proof, then maybe that’s where the conversation starts.”