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Report: Conor McGregor’s alleged DMs to Megan Fox ignited VMA tussle with Machine Gun Kelly

New details are emerging regarding the now infamous VMA red carpet scuffle between Conor McGregor and Machine Gun Kelly.

Conor McGregor went on to do usual Conor McGregor things on Sunday night at the MTV VMAs in New York City. “The Notorious” got into a tussle with rapper Machine Gun Kelly on the red carpet, an incident that instantly went viral.

The videos that first made the rounds didn’t tell much of a story on why things escalated the way they did. But according to initial reports, it was because Kelly denied McGregor a request for a photo op.

On Monday night, new details have emerged. According to Extra host Billy Bush, the incident was ignited by McGregor’s alleged DMs to Kelly’s girlfriend, Megan Fox.

As we all know, this same DM issue arose before UFC 264, when McGregor posted a screenshot of a supposed private message from Dustin Poirier’s wife Jolie.

This attempt at gamesmanship blew up in his face, as people began calling him a “Jake Paul wannabe.” UFC president Dana White, who was usually tolerant towards the Irishman’s antics, also showed disapproval towards these actions.

For his part, McGregor denied the incident saying it was “just rumors,” despite photo and video evidence. According to him, he only fights “real fighters,” and not “little Vanilla Ice white rappers.”

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