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Brutal KO! - Anderson Silva vs Tito Ortiz full fight video highlights from boxing match

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Watch video from the Tito Ortiz vs Anderson Silva boxing match.

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Tito Ortiz was knocked out and his old rival in Lee Murray had a laugh about it.
Anderson Silva knocked out Tito Ortiz (pictured) at Triller Fight Club.
Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Former UFC champions Anderson Silva and Tito Ortiz somehow fought in a boxing ring on Saturday night. The Triller Fight Club fight was supposedly at 195 lbs, but Ortiz missed weight and gave a chunk of his purse to Silva.

It was the first professional boxing match of the former UFC light heavyweight champion in Ortiz, while Silva is 2-1 as a boxer and is fresh off an impressive win over former boxing champ Julio Cesar Chavez Jr last June.

The skill difference was evident from the get go. Ortiz threw wild looping power shots, which Silva mostly dodged easily. The Spider then countered perfectly and brutally KO’d Ortiz early in the first round.

Watch highlights from the fight, along with a snippet from our play-by-play of the contest.

Anderson Silva vs. Tito Ortiz - Round 1

Here we go! Apparently these are two-minute rounds. Tito throwing the slowest punches ever as Silva dodges them all while cornered against the ropes. LOL THEN ANDERSON KNOCKS TITO OUT WITH A RIGHT HAND! No count necessary.

Anderson Silva def. Tito Ortiz by KO at 1:21 of round 1