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Report: Conor McGregor’s ‘gangster’ friend arrested outside UFC star’s pub in Dublin

Andrew Murray, who has allegedly been charged with multiple crimes, is often pictured with McGregor.

Conor McGregor - Red Light Grammy Party 2020
Conor McGregor in LA in 2020.
Photo by Roger Kisby/Getty Images for Red Light Management

According to multiple reports Gardaí in Dublin arrested two men, John Griffths and Andrew Murray, outside of the Black Forge Inn in Drimnagh, Dublin last weekend. The Black Forge Inn is owned by Conor McGregor. Murray is a known associate of McGregor’s who has, allegedly, run afoul of the law on a number of occasions. reports that Griffith and Murray are accused of knocking a man unconscious outside of McGregor’s pub and then punching and kicking him in the head while he lay on the ground.

Both Griffith and Murray were charged with assault causing harm and were given bail, despite Gardaí warning that the pair might be flight risks. Reasoning given for this included that both Griffith and Murray had the funds needed to flee before their court dates, as exhibited by the $20,000 watch reportedly worn by Griffith and the designer brand clothing worn by Murray.

Murray and his brother Johnathan Murray have pictures of themselves with McGregor on social media that date back to at least 2014. In 2018 images of the Murray brothers with McGregor were uploaded to social media hours before the infamous ‘dolly incident’ involving McGregor and a bus load of fighters at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn. Images uploaded after that incident suggested that the Murray brothers travelled back to Ireland with McGregor, on a private jet, after McGregor was released by police in connection to that incident.

The Irish Sun has called the Murrays “gangster brothers” in the past and claimed that Johnathan Murray has 48 criminal convictions, including four for drug dealing. Andrew Murray is reported to have 18 criminal convictions including drug possession with intent for sale or supply.

Before McGregor bought the Black Forge Inn earlier this year, the former UFC champ made tabloid headlines for an alleged incident that occurred there back in 2017. It is alleged that McGregor got into a scuffle at this location with an individual named as Graham ‘The Wig’ Whelan. Irish press alleged that Whelan was a known associate of the Kinahan Organised Crime Group, a billion dollar narcotic smuggling ring.

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