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Jake Paul says he’s ‘coming out of retirement’ 24 hours after making announcement

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Jake Paul may hold the record of the shortest “retirement” stint in all of prizefighting.

On Monday, Jake Paul declared his “retirement” from boxing. Sure, you could probably see right through the flippant tone of his tweet, but it nonetheless drew attention, maybe even speculation for some.

It didn’t take long for “The Problem Child” to retract this announcement. A little over 24-hours after creating some buzz for himself online, the 24-year-old internet sensation posted this tweet on Tuesday night.

It’s easy to dismiss this as his usual brand of trolling, or he could also be making a mockery of the retirement trends in prizefighting. But he does have a list of options for his next ring appearance, one of them a potential match against Tommy Fury.

Oddsmakers already have Fury as the -175 favorite, a first time in Paul’s boxing stint where he’s the underdog (+120).

Paul currently holds a 4-0 professional record after defeating former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley via split decision.