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Tweet-and-Delete: Conor McGregor goes after Daniel Cormier, ‘bums’ during UFC 265

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More deleted tweets from McGregor.

While sitting on the sidelines after back-to-back TKO losses and a brutal injury, Conor McGregor has mostly been trying to keep his name in the headlines just tweeting uncreative and ugly insults towards fighters and their families. This has drawn criticism from many, as it not only crosses the line, none of it has been particularly entertaining either.

Coach Mike Brown thinks McGregor isn’t as “sharp” with his trash talk and promoting ability anymore, while Daniel Cormier thinks it could be a cry for help.

“(McGregor) absolutely crossed the line. And I think when stuff like that is being said, I think it’s a cry for help,” Cormier said. “Conor has all the money in the world, he has all the fame. But now, when you start to dig at that level, it’s like somebody needs to get to McGregor and help him. Start to kind of reshift his mind and his focus and get him back to a better place.”

McGregor’s latest attempt to steal some of the spotlight during a UFC pay-per-view was to do more rounds of tweet-and-delete. During UFC 265, he responded to Cormier, who was there as a color-commentator.

“A cry for help if I ever seen one,” McGregor tweeted, along with a photo of Cormier.

This was a cropped version of the photo that Cormier himself tweeted.

There was also a second deleted tweet from the former champion.

“If I was water loading and yous bums where on fire I wouldn’t even piss on ya’s,” he wrote. (HT: MMA Mania)


Khabib has previously responded to McGregor’s classless remark about his late father and COVID-19, saying the statements only show how “dirty” and “evil” he really is.

McGregor, now 33, has just one win in almost five years, and has lost by stoppage in three of his last four bouts.