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Vintage form! UFC 265 video: Jose Aldo vs Pedro Munhoz full fight highlights

Watch video from the UFC 265 co-main event.

Jose Aldo is obviously past his prime, but has looked great even in a different division as of late. At UFC 265, the former long time featherweight champion got the co-main event slot opposite a contender in Pedro Munhoz. His brilliance continued, looking as sharp as ever, and flashing some vintage form with combinations, body shots, and hard leg kicks.

It’s insane how Aldo has stayed at the top of this game for so long, and it was a treat to see another great performance.

Watch highlights from the co-main event bout, along with a snippet from our play-by-play of UFC 265 below:

Jose Aldo vs.Pedro Munhoz, Round 3

Aldo jabs away. Munhoz tries to pressure but is sluffed off. Aldo jumps off and stuns Munhoz with a four-punch combo! Aldo put Munhoz down with a leg kick! Munhoz pops up right away and is looking for the kill shot, but it’s Jose Aldo. He’s pumping the jab and Munhoz is not finding a way through it. Munhoz looks for a wheel kick. Aldo clubs the leg. Vintage. 10-9 Aldo. 29-28 Aldo, or 30-27. You do you.