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UFC 265 results: Jose Aldo outclasses Pedro Munhoz on the feet in shutout win

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Jose Aldo just got the best of Pedro Munhoz in the UFC 265 co-main event.

We have made it to the UFC 265 co-main event, where featherweight G.O.A.T. Jose Aldo continues to pick up wins at 135-pounds — this time over the promotion’s #9 ranked bantamweight, Pedro Munhoz. The bulk of this fight took place on the feet, and Aldo sniped his opposition with some serious accuracy. All-three judges saw this fight 30-27 in favor of the UFC’s former featherweight champion. This makes two dubs in a row for Aldo, which is crazy to even say in 2021 about the former WEC champ.

Munhoz took the center right away, spamming spinning kicks at Aldo to no avail. Aldo just kind of sat back, waiting for right times to fire away. He hit a brilliant counter knee that got the attention of Pedro, which gained a little bit of respect. When Aldo threw, it seemed like he was connecting. It was as if he wouldn’t throw unless he was certain he was going to hit the target. Munhoz got through with some licks of his own, but Aldo seemed a bit more economical.

Aldo continued to be the cleaner striker into the second stanza. He was building off of his jab with some wicked hooks to the body throughout the round. Munhoz kept up his pressure game, and was throwing volume, but was missing a lot more of his strikes than the former featherweight champ. Aldo was doing the better job of managing the distance.

Munhoz started the final round with some urgency in the form of a frenzy of punches, and some of them got through. Aldo threw back with a combo of his own, and stayed with his body punches. He also began utilizing his brutal leg kicks, and even dropped Munhoz with one of them. Munhoz just couldn’t see Aldo on the feet.

Jose Aldo def. Pedro Munhoz by unanimous decision (30-27 x3): Bantamweight