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UFC 265 results: Vicente Luque taps out Michael Chiesa with D’arce choke

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Vicente Luque just tapped out Michael Chiesa with a D’arce choke on the UFC 265 main card.

he UFC 265 PPV main card continues on with a top-ten matchup of welterweights, and the #6 rated, Vicente Luque, just submitted the #5 rated, Michael Chiesa, with a wicked D’arce choke in the first round.

The Brazilian had to fight off a couple of sub attempts from Chiesa first, but as soon as he broke free he jumped right on the neck and started squeezing. The resume of this man is becoming quite impressive as he’s finished four name opponents in a row. He’s also won 10 of his last 11 fights, and rightfully used his post-fight interview to request a title fight against his friend, teammate, and UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman.

Luque took the center right away, and Chiesa was keeping his distance along the outside. Chiesa was dancing along the outside, and then darted in with a cross that opened up a cut on Luque. Vicente responded back with a stinging right hand, followed by a nasty leg kick. Chiesa promptly shot a double leg, transitioned to the back, and then started attacking with subs. He botched an armbar, and Luque quickly locked up a D’arce choke. Michael was dead to rights, and was forced to tap out. Holy smokes!

Vicente Luque def. Michael Chiesa by submission (D’arce) at 3:25 of round 1 : Welterweight