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UFC 265 results: Tecia Torres earns another nod over Angela Hill, Song Yadong edges out Casey Kenney

On the UFC 265 PPV main card, Tecia Torres looked sharp in her rematch with Angela Hill, and Song Yadong took a competitive split decision over Casey Kenney.

The UFC 265 PPV main card is underway, and in the strawweight division the #10 ranked, Tecia Torres, out-struck the #12 ranked, Angela Hill, en route to a unanimous decision victory. This is actually Tecia’s second unanimous nod over Hill, with the first one taking place back at UFC 188 in 2015. As far as tonight goes, Torres was slick with her in and out footwork, and parlayed that with a rangey attack of side kicks and leaping punches. Having already fought some of the very best in the world, Torres seems to be on a mission to climb back up that divisional ladder.

Opening up the PPV portion of UFC 265, the bantamweight division saw Song Yadong take a tight split decision over Casey Kenney. Song was firing right out of the gate with hard combinations, staying up on the strike count despite Kenney hanging with him every step of the way. It was likely a lot closer than he had wanted it to be, but Song has now rebounded from his first promotional loss.

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Main card:

Tecia Torres def. Angela Hill by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28): Strawweight

Torres made it clear that she was the better athlete right away, forcing Hill to do a lot of reacting. Hill then changed things up by hitting a takedown, and then grinding on Torres against the cage. Tecia broke free and went back to exploding in and out with volume. Hill was landing a couple of counters here and there, but this was Tecia’s round.

Torres kept that same energy in the second round. She was utilizing her side kicks to keep range, and her foot work to explode in and out. Hill was able to catch a teep to grab ahold of a body lock, but she wasn’t able to convert the takedown against the fence. Hill grabbed ahold of the Thai plum, but Tecia violently punched her way out of it. Hill did find full mount at the very end of the round, but only because Torres fell throwing a crazy spinning kick at the end of a combination.

Hill pressed the action right away in the last round. She went right at Torres, trying to take her down against the cage. Tecia broke free and got back to using her footwork to stay away. The rest of the round was just more of the same, except Torres also hit a late takedown for good measure.

Song Yadong def. Casey Kenney by split decision (30-27, 29-28, 28-29): Bantamweight

Song opened up the fight with his power side, launching right kicks and right hands. Kenney went right back at Song with heavy left hands, and mixed in a couple of takedown feints. Song started cracking Kenney with more counters, before getting dropped with a punch while throwing a kick. Kenney was unable to capitalize on the brief top position, and Song scrambled right up to his feet.

Song took the center of the Octagon right away in round two. He was back to throwing smooth combos, but it wasn’t long before Kenney had him fighting going backwards. Song was working his boxing combos, throwing three in a row before resetting. Kenney was pressing forward, but it wasn’t until he very end of the round that he started to land his most meaningful punches.

The final stanza saw Kenney push Song backwards, but they were going back and forth with the strikes. Kenney would throw, and then Song would have his chance to connect. This was probably Kenney’s best round. He scored with a nasty knee off of a kick, and even hit a late takedown to finish the round on top. Song landed a bunch of good ones, too, but did end the round on bottom.