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Conor McGregor’s latest tweet-and-delete threat mention’s Khabib’s mother, wife and children

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Conor McGregor continues to go after his rivals on social media.

As Conor McGregor heals from a broken leg suffered at the hands (or elbow, rather) of Dustin Poirier, the Irishman continues to utilize social media to remain in the news and pester fighters who have beaten him in the cage.

His latest barb, which has since been deleted, was directed at bitter rival Khabib Nurmagomedov, who appeared on Mike Tyson’s podcast to discuss McGregor’s previous tweets—including one that referenced his father’s passing from COVID-19.

Nurmagomedov said that the tweet showed “how dirty” McGregor was.

Predictably, McGregor responded to that message. And, just like he did with Poirier, he brought Nurmagomedov’s family into the mix.

In his latest response McGregor, ever the imitator, copied an infamous line from Mike Tyson that was once directed at Lennox Lewis (a fighter who soundly beat him when they met).

“I wanna eat his children!!!! When’s the last time he’s even seen them actually? His wife? Mother? How bout you go spend some time with your kids and family for a change and keep my name out of your mouth before you get trapped somewhere again you mightn’t be so lucky next time.”

With his in-cage ferocity waning McGregor’s attempts to remain ‘Notorious’ seem to be focused on the realm of trash talk, something his fighting used to back-up. But as his recent record has slipped to 1-3, that trash talk has become increasingly forced with McGregor intentionally breaching boundaries of taste and decency. Whether McGregor does this out of a sense of insecurity or he genuinely believes that these words have the power to rattle his rivals enough to lure them into an actual fight is anyone’s guess.

McGregor is expected to be cleared to fight in around a year. Currently, it seems unlikely that either Poirier or Nurmagomedov will have much interest in him when he does.