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Paige VanZant in a ‘must-win situation’, says BKFC president Dave Feldman

Former UFC star Paige VanZant is reportedly on thin ice at BKFC.

Paige VanZant’s best moments

Paige VanZant is 0-2 in her fledgling bare knuckle career. The former UFC star joined BKFC last year and since lost tough decisions to both Britain Hart and Rachael Ostovich (a fighter she submitted back in the Octagon).

BKFC President Dave Feldman recently spoke to MMA Fighting. He told that outlet that he still sees a big future for VanZant in the promotion. However, he conceded, after two losses in a row ‘12 Gauge’ is now in a ‘must-win situation’.

“Absolutely she’s in a must-win situation,” said Feldman. “I thought she was in a must-win situation in this fight but she performed very well. I thought as to the fact that they won Fight of the Night honors. I thought that she was in a must-win coming in. She lost and I still think that we’re in the Paige VanZant business.

“But with that being said, I absolutely think she’s in a must-win [situation]. I can’t keep saying ‘she fought really good, now let’s see what happens next time.’ Eventually and now’s the time, she has to come out with a victory. Like I said, we’ll sit down with her team and see what happens. I think we’re all going to move forward together, but you’re absolutely right, she’s in a must-win situation without a doubt.”

Feldman added that he felt he saw an improvement in VanZant’s bare knuckle skills in her recent loss to Ostovich at BKFC 19.

“I mean her punches were crisp, her movement was good. She was a different Paige but you also saw the Rachael Ostovich who said she was going to be. The one that said ‘I’m a tough Hawaiian, we do things different here, we’re tough’ and she did tell me she was scared to death going into that fight. She just didn’t know what to expect but she went out there and she delivered. She gave it her all.”

Feldman revealed that he is due to sit down with VanZant and her team to “see what makes sense next.” The BKFC President added that he felt very confident that VanZant would fight in BKFC again. “Thing is after this fight she said ‘I’ll be back.’ She doesn’t want to quit. That’s the thing I love about her.”