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Jake Paul adds more stipulations to tattoo bet with Tyron Woodley

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The tattoo bet between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley has continued to change. 

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The tattoo bet between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley has taken on a life of its own after Sunday night.

Paul and Woodley previously agreed upon a bet this past July that the loser of their fight must get a tattoo with the stipulation that it would be done as soon as they exit the ring. The YouTuber turned professional boxer wanted to ensure the bet was honored, so Paul contacted well-known tattoo artist Katherine Flores — better known professionally as Tatu Baby — to create multiple designs and fly in on fight night to tattoo whoever the loser was.

Paul bested Woodley by way of split decision, which meant that the former UFC welterweight champion was supposed to get some new ink on his body. Or so we thought. During his post-fight interview with Ariel Helwani, Woodley said he believed he won the fight against Paul and challenged him to an immediate rematch. Paul seemed hesitant to accept the challenge, but changed course and decided to alter the already established bet. If Woodley wanted an immediate rematch, then he would have to get the ‘I Love Jake Paul’ tattoo inked on him. Woodley agreed, but the terms of the new bet have continued to change.

Paul was asked to expound on them during his post-fight press conference, where he said Woodley has to get a permanent tattoo and put it on social media before he even considers a rematch. However, Paul has since added three more terms, which he revealed on Twitter and can be seen below.

Woodley has not responded to these new terms yet, but has made it clear that he would follow through with getting the tattoo should Paul actually agree to the rematch. Woodley appeared on a recent episode of The MMA Hour and said he is “willing to be a man” and get inked, but must see paperwork for the rematch drawn up first.

It is unclear whether the rematch between Paul and Woodley ever happens in light of some recent developments. Paul said that he would be taking some time away from boxing, but surprised everyone a few days later by claiming to retire from the sport altogether. If the retirement does indeed stick, then Paul finishes his career with an undefeated record of 4-0.