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Knockdown? Watch slow-mo of punch Woodley claims should’ve given him 10-8 over Jake Paul

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Check out the slow motion video of Tyron Woodley’s near knockdown of Jake Paul.

Tyron Woodley lost a split decision to Jake Paul over the weekend, taking his pro boxing record to 0-1. However, the former UFC welterweight champion is adamant that he won the bout. And he wants a rematch to prove he has the beating of ‘The Problem Child’.

Woodley has also said the he thinks was owed a 10-8 round on the scorecards after he tagged Paul with some punches that knocked the influencer against the ropes. Woodley appeared on the MMA Hour, where he said that the rules of boxing should deem that a knockdown.

“I don’t know how the rules go, and I’m not going to be petty enough to go and protest it or contest it or whatever the f*ck you say,” Woodley said (ht MMA Fighting). “But when I hit him, according to my understanding of the rules, if the rope is helping you up, we should be at a standing eight count. I don’t know if you’ve seen the videos and the memes, but he was underneath that top rope — the Stefan Struve rope — he was leaning on the No. 2 rope and his wrist was on the No. 3 rope. I think that if those ropes aren’t there, he’s on his back.

“Maybe his head bounces off the canvas. Maybe when he stands up and the referee gets in his face and starts giving him a count, it freaks him out. Maybe I take a deep breath and I can see the prey a little bit better and I can maybe get him out of there. We don’t know because we didn’t get a chance to see that.

“So I feel like whoever said I only won two rounds, I’ll beat your ass because clearly that’s f*cking a joke. And I feel like even though they didn’t deem it a knockdown, I still feel like that round was a 10-8 round. I’m talking about Round 4. He was just getting hit with every power shot possible and he was running, he was wobbling.”

Since beating Woodley Paul has declared that he is now retired from boxing. However, given Paul’s multi-fight deal with Showtime, this seems unlikely to be true.