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‘I just want to be better’ - Mike Perry feels like a ‘changed’ man after fatherhood, anger management

A ‘philosophical’ Mike Perry appeared on Monday’s episode of The MMA Hour.

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Mike Perry walks into the Octagon right before his fight against Daniel Rodriguez.
Mike Perry walks into the Octagon right before his fight against Daniel Rodriguez.
Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

We’ve always known Mike Perry as a wild character. You can probably say he’s a bit unhinged, given his extracurricular activities in the past year alone.

But after going through anger management and being thrust into fatherhood, “Platinum” is turning over a new leaf, it seems. The 29-year-old UFC welterweight appeared on Monday’s episode of The MMA Hour where he got a “little philosophical.”

“I like to think I have changed, but as soon as I do that, the anger is still there. It’s still there,” Perry told Ariel Helwani. “It depends on the situation. I feel more experienced in all types of situations. I’ve been through many ups and downs, lefts and rights.

“And I’mma get a little philosophical, I guess, but as my bank account gets smaller, I find myself having more faith in God and just being grateful for everything that I do have. And it just seems more to me, like, the more I try, the more I need to just let go and relax and allow things to happen. And just be grateful and thank God for everything I’ve got.

“I’m blessed in so many ways. I can take a hell of a punch, I can return a hell of a punch. And I just want to be better every day.”

With regards to being a parent, Perry says he learned to develop patience. He then went on to drop more existential gems.

“He’s gonna be crazy. He’s gonna scream and he’s gonna be bratty and stuff,” Perry said of his son. “You can’t argue with a baby. You’ve just got to console them and take care of them. Life is good.

“I look back and, like, dang, man. I was really… stupid. A lot. I still am. Sometimes, I try to be quiet because I feel like I don’t want to say something stupid or upset anybody, or hurt anybody’s feelings. Like, don’t try to make a joke when it can hurt someone’s feelings.

“It’s like a fine line. Life is about balance. You can’t just be quiet because no doors will open for you. You have to knock, or you have to say something sometimes.”

Perry says he’s down to the last fight or two in his UFC contract. And after drawing inspiration from Sunday’s spectacle, he’s now looking at a possible jump into boxing. Perry actually has one pro boxing bout under his belt.

“I don’t want to shut any doors. So if the opportunity is there, if somebody wants to fight me, that’s it. I just want to fight,” he proclaimed. “And I want to know what kind of fight I’m doing so I could prepare for it.

“Put me in the boxing ring and let me show you all what I can do. I’ll be prepared for any opportunity. Anybody who wants to fight me, I’m gonna put on a show. Somebody’s gonna bleed, motherf—rs gonna get cut open, and somebody might die.”

Perry last saw action in April against Daniel Rodriguez, whom he lost to via unanimous decision. He’s currently on a two-fight skid.

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