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KO of the night!? - Fan gets dropped with massive right hand during Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley PPV

Not all the action during Sunday night’s boxing PPV card took place inside the ring.

Sunday night ended up being the biggest night of combat sports action in the past month. Jake Paul’s continuing pseudo-celebrity boxing career continues to draw all manner of fans to his PPV events, and a matchup against former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley was no different.

While Paul may have out-boxed Woodley to a tepid 8-round decision, that doesn’t mean that the packed house in attendance was nearly so willing to leave the arena without having tasted a little blood. Case in point, this poor fan who got caught on video getting smacked with a massive right hand after inviting his foe to trade with him.

Our lanky, banana-shaped antagonist started out trying to flex on what appears to be a CM Punk impersonator leading to the kind of overhand right that would have made Chuck Liddell proud back in his heyday. And while Stretch searched for his keys down behind the seats, mayhem predictably ensued. A truly terrible display of poor behavior during what was otherwise a meaningful and well composed battle of skill and determination.

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