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Jake Paul: ‘Tyron Woodley a harder fight’ than Conor McGregor

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Jake Paul says a fight with Tyron Woodley was harder than a potential one against Conor McGregor. 

The desire to fight Conor McGregor has continued to wane for Jake Paul, but that does not mean he is above taking a jab at the former two-division champion every now and then.

The YouTuber turned undefeated professional boxer earned another win this past Sunday night after besting former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley by way of split decision. Woodley proved to be a much tougher opponent for Paul, who was forced to fight through adversity for the first time in his career after being stunned with an overhand right in the fourth round. Paul survived, but his overall performance left little to be desired from a number of combat sports stars who were watching, which appeared to include McGregor.

A one-word tweet from McGregor was taken as a direct response to the fight between Paul and Woodley. However, it turned out to be about a lobster dinner the ‘Notorious’ one was about to indulge in. Still, the tweet was brought to the attention of Paul during his post-fight press conference, where he took the opportunity to troll McGregor again and moved even further away from the idea of a fight with him in the near future.

“We’re on the path to a lot bigger fights,” said Paul. “I’m salivating too because I’m just getting warmed up. Conor McGregor has a lot more to focus on than me right now. I’m five wins in a row [and] he’s 1-3 in the past four years. So the guy needs to get off of his little vodka or whatever the f—k his brand is and sober up and start to get back in the f—king gym and then we can f—king fight.

“To be honest, no way he hits harder than Woodley,” continued Paul. “He doesn’t weigh as much as Woodley. He’s shorter than Woodley. I said it before the fight, I think Woodley is a harder fight than him, especially with the way he’s going. Conor is going down, I’m going up. Woodley came in game. We’ll see.”

Paul has said that he would like to take some time away after training and boxing for the last year and a half, but there is no shortage of opponents for him to choose from once he decides to return. He has already agreed to give a rematch to Woodley should he follow through with the tattoo bet they made before the fight. Paul was also confronted by Tommy Fury after his fight with Anthony Taylor on the undercard of the event. The ‘Problem Child’ seemed to entertain Fury on social media, so maybe ‘TNT’ will get the fight.