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Jake Paul responds to ‘loser’ Nate Diaz: Thanks for watching, fanboy

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“Thank you for the attention, thank you for watching me. I appreciate it, fanboy.”

Jake Paul passed his toughest test in the boxing ring to date with a split decision win over former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley on Sunday, but Nate Diaz wasn’t impressed.

“These guys both suck,” Diaz Tweeted during Paul’s eight-round boxing showdown with Woodley.

Paul, who beat Woodley to extend his record to 4-0, responded to Diaz at the post-fight press conference. The YouTuber-turned-boxer thanked Diaz for tuning in and teased of a potential future matchup with the UFC veteran.

“Another loser talking up,” Paul said of Diaz, who has had beef with Paul in the past (transcript via Clyde Aidoo of MMA News). “Of course he wants a payday. I’m one of the money fighters now in boxing. The guy’s got a chin, but he doesn’t land punches. That fight’s there, no problem. Thank you for the attention, thank you for watching me. I appreciate it, fanboy.”

Diaz and Paul are two of the hottest commodities in combat sports right now, so don’t be too surprised to see informal negotiations commence soon. That is, of course, if Woodley doesn’t get there first. ‘T-Wood’ has been promised an immediate rematch if he gets an ‘I love Jake Paul’ tattoo in the next couple of days.

Paul vs. Woodley is rumored to be one of the biggest pay-per-view events of the year despite neither fighter having any high-level boxing experience. Paul’s previous boxing match against Woodley’s teammate Ben Askren reportedly did 1.3 million PPV buys, with ‘The Problem Child’ earning a whopping $690,000.