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Video: Fighter lands brutal flying knee KO, during weigh-ins

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Time can’t wait for a highlight moment, you know?

Video: Fighter lands brutal flying knee KO, during weigh-ins
Video: Fighter lands brutal flying knee KO, during weigh-ins
Combat Culture

One of the best knockouts of the weekend — or maybe the year — happened over in Belarus this week, and you’ve never seen anything quite like this.

We’ve seen guys get knocked out in all sorts of situations in combat sports, but after all this time, this is still a first. Over at Zames Fight Club 3, the budget appears reasonable but there doesn’t seem to be much cap space for patience. Fighter A decides that he’s gonna rock out shirtless and flex on his opponent, but Belarussian Ninja Code decided that he had to get deaded on this fine day.

Shirtless guy puts his hat on and tries to boss up with his hands on his hips. Before he can take that pose the other guy (whom we now have no choice but to refer to as Fighter B) was already airborne. Knee collides with cranium and it appears nobody shouted “timber“ on the way down. Summoning the will of the almighty Sagat has never looked so beautiful yet out of place.

Here’s the original on IG (hat tip to BarreleLaPierna):

Security was kind enough to kind of catch the felled fighter, but at that point it’s just a tragic kindness. Our guy was posterized for eternity in one of the jaw-dropping yet absurd pre-fight antics this clownshoes sport can offer, it’s hard to bounce back from that.

The vid eventually made its way to YouTube, and it’s even more beautiful there. And you really have to wonder how the show/win money would even be doled out here if they’re using that structure at all.

If there’s a lesson here at all, it’s that the “protect yourself at all times“ mantra applies outside of the cage as well as within it.