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Video: Jake Paul’s next opponent? Tommy Fury and Paul have backstage altercation

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Tommy Fury approached Jake Paul at last night’s Paul vs. Woodley event.

Last night Jake Paul succeeded in taking his pro boxing record to 4-0. He accomplished that by beating Tyron Woodley with a split decision, despite almost being knockdown (or out) late in the fight.

With Paul’s undefeated record in tact, attention now turns to who ‘The Problem Child’ will face next. Woodley is adamant that he wants a rematch, joking that he needs to see that agreed to before going ahead with his planned “I love Jake” tattoo.

But there’s another man who fought last night who wants to a piece of the famous Paul brother. Tommy Fury, younger brother of heavyweight champ Tyson Fury, took an uninspiring and rather dull decision over Paul’s sparring partner Anthony Taylor on last night’s underrcard.

Fury, who is a reality TV star in addition to being a pro boxer, has wanted to fight Paul for a while. Last night he confronted Paul in a corridor and told him to take a fight with him.

“You need to stop running my friend,” said Fury before some scuffling broke out around the pair.

“Tommy be careful, you could barely beat my sparring partner,” answered Paul as the two camps were being separated.

“Take the fight!” repeated Fury as the confrontation petered out.

Fury addressed the confrontation during the post-fight presser. “Jake Paul is one of them, you’d be surprised if you see him in the ring again because I don’t think Jake Paul has got a lot of balls,” he said (ht MMA Fighting). “It’s obvious. He got asked about me in the post-fight interview and didn’t have nothing to say. He confronted me in the hallway there, had his 15-20 team (of people) jump all over us. We was there. We were ready to fight there and then. He’s big in front of cameras but small by himself and Jake Paul realized tonight how hard the sport of boxing is, and he got clipped with a little shot. Imagine if he got hit, dropped. I don’t know if you’ll see Jake Paul back in the ring again...

“It just transpired about 10 minutes ago. I was doing an interview down there and his whole team landed, Jake Paul squaring up to me. But then, he seen me at ringside, I was leaning over the ropes, waiting to get in there, and there was Logan going (shaking his head) ‘Not right now.’ They ain’t fighters. I’ve said this from word one. If you want this fight, I’m here and I’m ready to go. There’s no running and there’s no playing. And it’s fine if you don’t want the fight, just say it and put everyone’s mind to rest and stop bullsh*tting all the time and just say how it is. You either want the fight or not. I want the fight and if you don’t just say it and we can move on....

“Jake Paul’s got nothing inside him and I’ve seen that in that corridor right there because there was a moment in that corridor where everything was going off between his security and my team and his team and I looked dead into his soul and when them cameras are not around, he doesn’t want to know. Let’s be honest, if he really wanted to fight me, I’d have been in that ring at the end of the fight, through the ropes, let’s go, there’s no return. But he didn’t want that and the reason is because if I was getting in there, he wouldn’t be able to go back on it. That’s why I wasn’t in the ring tonight.”