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Video: Tyron Woodley reveals where he will get his ‘I love Jake Paul’ tattoo

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Tyron Woodley flip-flopped on his promise to get Jake Paul’s name tattooed on him if he lost the fight.

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Jake Paul bested Tyron Woodley in a less-than spectacular boxing match last night, taking the win on the scorecards. The win takes his fledgling pro record to 4-0 and gives him another victory against an 0-0 opponent.

In addition to records, pride and bragging rights being on the line, Paul and Woodley also agreed to put their skin in the game. The pair had agreed that the loser would get the other person’s name tattooed on their body.

Ink Master star Tatu Baby was been drafted in to do the deed and she has already shared designs for the tattoo.

Woodley, a man of his word, said he would indeed get a ‘I love Jake’ tattoo. However, at the post-fight presser, he hinted that he would need to “see some paperwork first” regarding a potential rematch.

Woodley also said that, since Paul had honoured everything that was agreed to with the fight and the promotion of the event, he would—begrudgingly—go through with the tattoo bet. When asked directly where he would get the tattoo, Woodley was a little unsure, but certain that it wouldn’t be anywhere too visual.

“Shit, I’ll probably—I’m not finna get it nowhere where I can look at that bitch—uh, I don’t know, probably my thigh or some shit. Did y’all think I was going to get it on my face? What the fuck?”